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We are a Christchurch based, social media and digital marketing agency.  Founded by two local gals, Rachel Smart (previously Wilson!) and Sarah-Jane Stringer, we help our clients grow their social media presence and create beautiful websites for them. Our growing agency manages our clients social media pages, including a strategy, monthly content planning, content creation, managing the audience engagement and delivering monthly results reports. We have an Influencer marketing database where we work with local and national social media influencers on campaigns for our clients.

We’ve found that Rachels marketing and media consulting background perfectly matches Sarah-Janes graphic design and photography skills. We met 18 months ago and bonded over a mutual passion to help coach and educate our clients, empowering them to take over their websites or social media in the long-run. We believe in adding as much value as we can for our clients- and we work very closely with them on their close that we feel part of their team!

Our specialities lie in retail, fashion, hospitality, travel, publishing, homeware & interior design, beauty and the arts, however, we have worked with real estate agents, builders, plumbers and service based consultants, and are willing to give anything a go! Let us take care of your social media, leaving you more time to work on your business.

Rachel & Sarah-Jane.



[ the influenced project agency ]

Our Influencer Marketing Agency connects brands with the right Influencer to represent their business. We also help Influencers to grow their personal brand through one on one coaching, creating media-kits and facilitating workshops across NZ with premium Influencers.


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As a social media agency, we like to stay social, and keep you all up to date with what is new in the social media world, as well as support our clients and share our office antics! 

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