How to create and curate an inspiring and engaging Instagram feed


We’ve all followed people or brands on Instagram because we enjoy the content that they post, but similarly we’ve likely also unfollowed Instagram accounts as a result of poor content, lack of continuity and unclear narratives. If you’re looking to increase your social media following and keep those all important numbers consistent, here are a few little tips to keep in mind.

1. Have a vision of how you want your Instagram feed to develop.

Before you start posting all of your wonderful content, have a plan for how you want your feed to develop over time. Consider the flow of your page and how you’ll alternate different types of posts in order to keep your page fresh and exciting for your existing followers. A well developed page will also likely entice new followers who visit your page

2. Choose a theme that you can be dedicated to.

Consistency really is key. Keep your theme in line with your branding and/ or personality. A well thought out theme will create a social media flow that becomes well recognised by your audience as they’re scrolling. It’s also important to keep your captions relatively consistent; if they’re usually lengthy captions filled with information and facts, keep it this way, so that your followers can always rely on your content. Such well aligned content will create an air of confidence and stability where your brand is concerned.

3. Have authentic content.

Social media trends will unlikely stand the test of time, so instead of jumping on the bandwagon, think about posting content that is unique rather than content that is popular at the time. A social media trend can mean anything from a colour scheme to using an effect/ filter on your images. Being authentic from the get-go will work wonders and in time, you’ll be recognised for your ethos and values.

4. Ask yourself ‘would I follow this account?’

If you wouldn’t, then it’s time to get back to the drawing board and reconsider your strategy and your content.

Follow these steps and you will see organic growth develop on your Instagram page!

Good luck!