How to get your hashtags right


Hashtags are crucial to getting your Instagram page noticed. But what are they? And what are the best hashtags to use? And what are the 60,000 banned hashtags?

Hashtags are essentially a mini search engine. People will look up hashtags when they are searching for something, normally for inspiration, ideas or for information. That’s why it is imperative that you are using straight forward, searchable hashtags. Instagram will let you use up to thirty hashtags per post. If you are a new business, we recommend making the most of this and going for gold! Gone are the days where multiple hashtags were “uncool”. Hashtags will ensure that more people find your business and your beautiful content.

How do you figure out what hashtags are best for your business?

There are several common hashtags that are the most popular on Instagram. To view some of the most popular Instagram hashtags, click here. Another great idea is to have a look at what other businesses are hashtagging. You can follow certain hashtags and keep across what people are posting to these hashtags - are they similar to your posts? Is your target audience liking and commenting on these posts? Make a diary note and keep track of the most popular and relevant hashtags for your business.

Where do you place your hashtags?

You want to make sure that you seperate your hashtags from your caption. The best way to do this, is to insert dots and then have your hashtag bundle at the bottom, as opposed to putting them into a comment.

Are there any banned hashtags?

There are several banned hashtags that you can’t put into your bundle. If you post any of these, then none of your hashtags will work in the search engine, which will limit the performance of your post! To view the hashtags that Instagram banned in 2017, click here.

Finally, the best tip we can give you is to keep refreshing your hashtag bundles and ensure that the hashtags you use are current, popular and trending! Not to mention, relative to your business.

Good luck!

Rachel & Sarah-Jane.