Social media tips for service based businesses


Creating Facebook and Instagram content for service-based businesses is hard. We often hear service based businesses say that they struggle with social media because it is not relevant to their industry. The common misconception is that social media is best suited to product based businesses. Although it is easier to create posts for product based businesses, there is definitely a space and a need for service base businesses on social media.

What sort of content should a service base business post? We have highlighted below out top five tips on how to go about creating relevant and interesting content that will make your business stand out on Facebook and Instagram.

1. The first step in creating valuable content is to make it about your potential clients,

and not about you and your services. Think about how you can help them, and then overdeliver.

2. As a service based business, a video strategy is one of the most important things to focus on. Videos are trending on social media. So find a videographer and work with them on a plan of attack! If there is talking in your video, be sure to use captions as 80% of people view social media with the sound off.

3. Start a Facebook live video - consider a webinar where you coach and help your audience as an expert in your field. It's a great way to get attention for free and it will grow the awareness of your page and services, encouraging people to follow you on social media.

4. Set up a Facebook group in your field or industry. As the organic reach on Facebook and Instagram has dropped, Facebook groups have become an essential platform for businesses to promote and grow their brand.

5. If setting up a Facebook group is not your thing, then you should definitely join a Facebook group! Research what groups your ideal clients are in and then join those groups. Interacting in a Facebook group is a great way to network and help other members with advice. If you participate and focus on being a helpful group member, rather than trying to promote your business, it will lead to business over time.

Good luck!

Rachel & Sarah-Jane xx

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