Is Vero the new social media hero, or should we veer away?


It’s been donned the ‘truly social network’ that operates without ‘algorithms, ads or bots’, but can Vero really threaten proven favourites such as Instagram and Facebook? We’re doubtful, but let’s investigate!

Pros of Vero:

  • Vero is 100% ad free. So, instead of concentrating on monetising its users, Vero likes to spend it’s time creating the best social media experience possible.

  • You won’t have to ‘boost’ your posts. The Vero feed isn’t curated or manipulated. Quite simply, it’s composed of posts from people you follow.

  • They’re trying to make social media, more social. Vero are evidently aware of the addictive nature of platforms of a similar ilk, so they’ve introduced a feature that allows users to monitor time spent using the app.

Cons of Vero:

  • At present, all new users have been gifted free access to the platform for life. Surely sounds like a plus? Not so fast. This offer is extended only until further notice until price plans are unveiled. We wonder how a paid platform will ever attract as many users as free alternatives.

  • The platform has experienced mega service interruptions. Whilst a statement claims that the interruptions were a result of a massive amounts of new users, we’re kinda sceptical.

  • Have you heard of Vero before? It was founded in 2013 and still isn’t on the radars of the masses. If you’re a brand looking to make a splash on social media, choosing this lesser known platform may not prove fruitful.

Our verdict:

Overall, we don’t think that Vero is going to bowl over its competitors over night. It could be worthwhile creating a page before their prices plans come into play. We’ve done our homework and whilst we’ll be keeping tabs on Vero, we don’t think that time needs to be invested in this platform just yet.

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