Moroccan photography tour


Visiting Morocco is a must. From the hustle and bustle of the Marrakech Medina to the quiet alleyways of Chefchaouen and the wide open spaces in the Sahara Desert, Morocco is filled with excitement, bold colours and adventure. It’s a destination that everyone who is interested in photography or design should visit.

I was lucky enough to spend two weeks travelling around Morocco for the Polkadot Passport & Is This Real Photography tour. We started in Casablanca and finished in Marrakesh.

My main purpose for this trip was to get my passion for photography back and learn some new skills along the way. I have been a photographer for many years now, studying it throughout high school and university, and worked as an event photographer for Media Works Canterbury, but somewhere along the way, I lost my passion for photography and it became just part of my job, instead of something I enjoyed.

With a mix of amazing teachers and surrounded in a beautiful setting, I found myself wanting to pull my camera out at every moment (and to use it on manual settings!) and it was on the streets of Morocco that I rediscovered my passion for photography. There is something about learning while you are out and about, that really helps to commit everything to memory.

Although the purpose of this trip was to reignite my lost love with photography, I also gained so much more. When you are on a trip like this one, you always meet the most incredible people, who are doing inspiring things! In addition, I went on several adventures, ate a lot of good food (although by the end I didn’t want anymore couscous or tagine for awhile) and felt motivated by the unique designs that Morocco has to offer.

As a designer, it is hard not to be invigorated by the Moorish design and architecture, as well as the bold and unique colour combinations. Everywhere I turned there was a new design style, whether it be a mix of turquoise and green tiles, beautifully framed mosques or a dusty pink building.

One of my favourite things about Morocco was that there was this beautiful contrast. There was contrariety in every moment. The contrast between the way people live, contrast between the old and the new buildings, there was even contrast in noise. You can move from the peace and quiet of a Riad immediately into the loud hustle and bustle of the Medina, and within moments you are transported between two different worlds. This was not only a magical experience, but also an inspirational one, as it made me think about graphic design, and how within moments it can transport you from one space to another.

This is something that I always aim to do with both my graphic design and photography. As we head into 2018, I am really excited to use all of my new found skills and Morroccan inspiration in our projects next year.



I have put together a few of my favourite photography spots to inspire you to take a trip to Morocco!


Sahara Desert


The Todgha Gorge


Riad Yasmine


Bahia Palace


Hassan ll Mosque


Fez Medina