The rise of Instagram


Instagram is growing so quickly that it is now an essential marketing platform for businesses worldwide and rivals Facebook for popularity! We personally love working with Instagram for our clients and use it as a space to organically grow and develop a brand in a unique and curated environment.

We took a look at the latest statistics that have been presented....and they are impressive!

  • 800 million active monthly users

  • 500 million daily active users

  • 20% of internet users are on Instagram

  • At a monthly rate of 16% and is the fastest growing social media platform

  • 50% of businesses on Instagram produce stories

  • 8 million business profiles

For the 8 million businesses on Instagram, there is an 800 million potential audience reach.

So if you are not on Instagram yet, we encourage you to download the app and get snapping! If you need help with your set up or would like your content created and managed for you- get in touch with us on and we can help. We manage accounts worldwide so location is not an issue!